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Professional photographs of Koena Mitra in various poses looking amazing dressed in leopard skin bikini and various fashion clothing. Our images are of high quality so you can save them to your desktop as wallpaper pictures. Extremely sexy model, dancer and Bollywood actress Koena Mitra looks great in these crystal clear photos.
Please view our Koena photographs and enjoy the beautiful actress in all her splendor.

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Photograph of Koena in see-through Net Top

Koena Mitra in red bra and netting top looking very glamorous with hair tied in long pig tails. This high resolution photograph shows Mitra in all her beauty and you realise why she is a Bollywood starlet.Photograph of model Koena Mitra in red bra

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Beautiful Photo of Koena with Bright Eyes

You can see the amazing bright eyes of Koena Mitra in this close up picture of her face and chest. This Bollywood model has an amazing face structure and body that can be appreciated with these high resolution photographs of her.Photo of Koena and her amazing eyes

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Leopard Skin Koena in Beach Scene

Screen saver large image of Koena Mitra laying down posing in leopard skin style bikini and thigh high leopard boots with beach scene in the background. Koena's beautiful body can be appreciated in this photograph with themed beach back-drop and leapord print bikini top and bottoms.Beach theme background photo of Koena in Leopard Bikini Top

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