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Various screen saver type background images showing Koena Mitra posing for the camera in denim shorts, sexy red dress and Bollywood action shots. Koena's long flowing hair and model good looks make for an excellent wallpaper picture for your computer desktop.
Click on our sample Koena Mitra images to open up the full size large high res picture, that you can then save as your screen saver Bollywood actress picture.

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Koena Mitra wearing Skimpy Denim Shorts

Use this picture of Koena all dressed in Denim as your wallpaper background image. This splash designer photograph image of Koena in denim and white top makes the Bollywood star looky sassy and sexy.Koena Mitra wearing skimpy Denim Shorts in Photo

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Photograph Picture of Koena in Red Dress

Koena Mitra wearing an amazing Red Dress in black and white style photograph screen saver image. The photographer has used a mixture of black and white imagery as well as colour for the bright red dress in this picture of Koena. The effect of the picture is amazing and makes the red dress look even more sexy on beautiful Koena.Picture of Koena in bright red dress posing

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Action Picture of Koena with Hair Dryer

Large high quality picture of Koena Mitra in action camera shot with a hair dryer. Amazing photo of Koena with her long flowing hair and black bra showing her cleavage off. Action pose with a hair dryer of Koena Mitra with artistic background images.Hair Dryer Koena Mitra Action photo in Bra

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