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Our screen saver large high resolution images of Koena Mitra are for downloading to your desktop background. We have classic styled photographs in full colour of Koena Mitra posing for the camera.
Use these amazing images of the beautiful Bollywood actress and super model Koena Mitra to save to your PC desktop.

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Koena in White Dress looking Hot

Koena Mitra wearing a simple white dress and showing a bit of leg as she poses for the camera against white background. Koena's amazing eyes stand out in this screen saver picture with her wearing a strappy pair of white shoes and pure white dress.Photograph showing Koena's leg in White Dress

Bollywood Film

Koena Mitra wearing Flowing Dress

Beautiful screen saver image of Koean Mitra wearing a silk flowing long dress looking gorgeous. Large wallpaper screen saver of Bollywood's Koena posing on chair looking amazing with dark coloured background.Koena sitting down in front of the camera

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High Resolution Koena Mitra Image

Screen saver of Koena Mitra wearing black bra with her belly showing. High resolution 1024 x 768 size wallpaper background image of beautiful Koena Mitra.Classic beauty of Koean Mitra against black background

Koena Wallpaper